“I am really excited with the activities of GreenBugs. I would like to be one the first customers to purchase the greens once they are ready to be harvested!”

— Aries Lim, PJ

— John Ong, KL

“The kale was yummy. Thanks!”

“Loving the freshness and crispness of my lettuce!”

— Julian Neo, KL

“My parents loved the salad! I'll re-order again soon.”

— Jun Yue, PJ

Each GreenBugs indoor farm is a controlled ecosystem with the perfect amount of light, air and nutrients. An optimal set of conditions that enables our plants to express their natural tastiness to the fullest. By keeping the roots on, our plants keep all of their flavour and goodness. 100% free of chemical pesticides, so you have the freshest and healthiest produce. Taste the difference.

45 Litres Composting Bin

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Composting food scraps can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and prevent unnecessary amount of waste from going to landfills and is an easy way to reduce, reuse and recycle your kitchen scraps. Simply put, composting is one simple action that everyone can take towards cultivating a healthier and more sustainable environment no matter where you live.

Greenbugs' 45 litres composting bin comprises of good quality materials and is very durable. Suitable to be used for indoor or outdoor composting and can withstand punishing rain & shine.

Approximate weight 2kg

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