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Our indoor farm grows the

purest greens imaginable, for you.

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If we want to continue filling our shopping carts with healthy, sustainable and affordable food, we need to radically rethink how agriculture is to be done. The digitization towards modern agriculture is simply necessary for us to continue the status quo.

GreenBugs Team

Not just a typical farm

We knew what we wanted to offer when we started GreenBugs and we gradually expanded our offerings by phases - behind the scene. With the recently expanded team, we're now ready to serve more clients.

And here are the different options, catering to different requirements.

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The Best Herbs in Malaysia

We're not exaggerating because this is the fact and is backed by over 200 hundred of client testaments. The best herbs in Malaysia can only be found in GreenBugs Farm.

Too good to be true and which are the herbs which are so good? We invite you to discover yourself.

Creating memories

Unlike other farms who are secretive and no visitations are allowed; we welcome you with open arms to visit our farm. In fact, we even share our secrets as we practice full-transparency as we have nothing to hide. Furthermore, we'll provide you with more information on the world of hydroponics and share with you the way how we grow our crops and offer you veggies tasting on the spot - absolutely free of charge!

We forbid our team on hard-selling our products to you; you're more than welcome to leave the farm empty-handed although we spent 1 hour explaining to you. Constant free-education is part of our mission and have a guilt-free trip in learning and creating memories at GreenBugs Farm. No prior appointment is required - just drop by when  you're free, 365 days throughout the year.

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The missing piece

We noticed what has been missing in the market for the longest time - nutritious yet tasty healthy meals. Many salad meals are dependent on dressing sauces - remove them and they taste boring and plain.

GreenBugs' signature salad mix which consists of at least 12 varieties of different greens; is one-of-it kind in the market. Very flavourful and tasty even without any dressing sauce - you'll never look at salad meals the same way again after you've tried ours. 

Drive through!

No parking? No problem! We understood it could be tough to find a parking in SS2. Hence, you can always pre-order from our website and indicate as self-collection.

When you're around the vicinity, just give us a call at 011-1146 988 and our team will be meeting you to handover your orders. Now it's a lot more convenient with less hassles!


Taste The Difference

Kale and Chickpeas Salad

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