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Our indoor farm grows the

purest greens imaginable, for you.


If we want to continue filling our shopping carts with healthy, sustainable and affordable food, we need to radically rethink how agriculture is to be done. The digitization towards modern agriculture is simply necessary for us to continue the status quo.

GreenBugs Team


People and Nature-centric

We are a people and nature-centric, high tech farming start-up specializing in soilless indoor farming. 

With the ultimate mission of enriching the lives of people in many aspects and giving back to mother Earth, each of your support to GreenBugs will make a long lasting difference towards sustainability.

Grown without compromise

We utilize modern technologies to nurture the greens at indoor vertical farms. Housed in closed and clean environments within urban cities, we are able to achieve a better managed food production system and a more efficient supply chain and waste management.

With every aspect of the entire growing process controlled, we are able to ensure quality and traceability at every step from seeding to your table.


Safety is paramount

At GreenBugs, we hold health and safety as a core value. We pour in the upmost effort in ensuring the best possible greens for you while being on top of our processes' environmental impact. A clean and safe working environment for our employees is also our top priority.

Taste The Difference

Kale and Chickpeas Salad

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