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Towards a more sustainable future, together.

With global populations on the increase and our climate continues to change, food production must evolve in order to keep pace with these unprecedented changes.

GreenBugs' Indoor Vertical Farming Technology

GreenBugs is blessed to have a very visionary and innovative team who just wouldn't accept the status quo and constantly pushes the envelope to achieve a better tomorrow. A large amount of efforts and time will always be dedicated towards research and development in many aspects so the very best could be delivered from whatever we're doing, all for you.


Our humble plant factory where imaginations and dreams come alive 🌱


We primarily use the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system for our farm, scalable up to 5 levels and customizable light to bed height to optimize plant growth of all life stages.



Instead of using sponges or rockwools which are not environment friendly, we go back to nature by using coco peat, the fibre fraction from coconut husk as the medium for our plants! Some people might claim the small particles of coco peat will clog and jam up the water pumps. Well, we say it depends on how innovative you can be in embracing this marvelous creation.



Nothing is too hot, too cold, too damp or too dry for the plants in our farm. The air in our growing area has been filtered, our growers controlled and ensured the ideal temperature and humidity level is at the optimum level for the plants to thrive healthily.



We are able to achieve a zero waste vision in our farm by composting our agricultural waste. You get the best produce and the unwanted, unused parts are being composed naturally in our compost bins before the liquid is mixed with our nutrient-rich solution when we do our monthly water change for your home garden use.



We use efficient, V-type double row with 180° illumination angle LED lights in providing a broader coverage, ideal spectrums and light intensity for plants' photosynthesis. 



The basis of life. Our purified water goes through a closed loop irrigation system which prevents wastage and the water has been constantly oxygenated before they are delivered to the roots of plants. We also constantly monitor all the macro and micro-nutrients so our plants will receive everything they need to grow healthily.



Horticulture is not just about planting as it intersects with food safety, technology,  plant nutrition, environment, data science and  engineering. Data points are very important to us in understanding plant biology plus allowing us to constantly review, test and improve our growing system so we could bring out the best in everything that we do.



Environment and mother earth have a big place in our hearts. We strive to minimize the negative impacts on the environment in whatever we do in GreenBugs. This can be achieved via minimizing wastage and 1 time usage, reducing and recycling as many times as possible. We are also working towards having our own solar panels to power our farm!

Energy Efficiency Consultation
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