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Committed to cleanliness and safety, for you.

One of the biggest differentiation between GreenBugs and other producers is we practice full transparency and traceability in our farming process, accessible from your fingertips at anytime, anywhere. 

Do You Really Know?

Do you know where your fresh produce comes from?  If you can pinpoint where your food was grown and produced, you can make more informed decisions to maximize quality, freshness, and nutritional value.  You can also help support local economies through your purchases. 


At GreenBugs, we challenge ourselves as consumers by asking these relevant questions all the time.

Inside Greenhouse
The Process

Most farmers or sellers do not share the process of how their greens were being produced. We tend to judge the greens' freshness only by their appearance.

Green Salad
The Accuracy

Farmers or sellers often claim their greens are organic or pesticide-free. But just how accurate can these claims be without information for further validation?

The Technology

As the world advances, our lives improved with new technologies. How much do you know about these changes and are you ready to embrace them for a better future?

The Values

Often times we consume products without knowing the values these companies are giving to us. Is value-add from the products we purchase not really that important at all?

Green Forest
The Impact

There is an opportunity cost on everything that has been produced. Be it to the environment, animal or human; how much of these information have been disclosed?

We are not yet a great company but we are improving every day in producing the best greens and service quality possible, for you. 


Natural seeds, the way it is. We shun away from GMOs and pesticide-coated seeds; we source our high quality seeds from trusted local suppliers. 

Coriander Seeds


Our water goes through our triple layer sand filtration system. This is to ensure the sediments are filtered in delivering the cleanest water possible before we feed them to our plants. To ensure the freshness of the water, the water is changed every 30 days while the old nutrient-rich water gets recycled into fertilizers for home gardens. Win-win!

Water Purifier & Glass


The air in our growing area has been filtered with HEPA grade air filter to arrest very fine particles effectively. Our growers also ensured the indoor farm temperature and humidity level is at the optimum level for the plants to thrive healthily.



We have sent samples of our greens to be tested by established food lab testers and the results were good; zero traces of harmful heavy metals were detected in our greens by using our nutrient-rich solution.

Lab test.png


As much as we would like to use organic or animal dung fertilizer, we could only go for carefully-picked nutrient-rich solution due to the way how our plants are being nurtured.

But fret not, the nutrient-rich solution that we use are not harmful as worms, mosquito larvae and fishes were thriving healthily in this solution just like they were in the wild.

Ps: No lives were harmed in the process of using our solution.

Little Fish


Grown in a secured and clean indoor farm; we are able to grow our plants in a far better condition without the fear of bad weather or insect invasions hence eliminating the usage of pesticides.



Our high tech farmers perform regular cleaning and maintenance at our indoor farm to ensure ideal cleanliness and hygiene standards. Our farmers only use selected plant-based and eco-friendly detergents in performing their duties.

Cleaning Lady


Our high tech farmers follow our indoor farm hygiene SOP strictly; no one is allowed to enter the farm without proper sanitization and supervision.

And in the spirit of reducing wastage, we minimize one-time use materials and opted for reusable types instead, with regular cleaning of course.

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