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The best herbs in Malaysia are grown in GreenBugs Farm, seriously.

This is a bold statement, but it is so true. We've received more than 200 testaments and continued to receive even more from head chefs, sous chefs, cafe, restaurant and grocer owners, individual consumers and Cameron farmers; our herbs are second-to-none in the Malaysia market across all types of farms. If you're looking for high quality, good tasting and aromatic herbs; our farm is the place for you!

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Duck-Man Go with cheese by our partner The Mechanic Cafe

After trying our produce, it might just change the way how you look at and your perception towards the herbs you've tried previously. Here are some of the superstars from our farm which are continuously delighting the taste buds of many:

Wild Rocket Syveltta

Country of origin: Netherlands

Flavourful, strong taste, intense spicy, slightly more bitter. The taste which is not found in the market. Currently facing high competition from our other strong contender, Arugula. You might not be able to finish 50g of these in a serving.


Sweet Basil Genovese

Country of origin: Netherlands

Strong taste, pretty aromatic with slight minty after-taste. This sweet basil goes well with other recipes beyond the traditional pesto sauce, spaghetti or pizza. Our sous chef gave up explaining and convincing how good these beauties were to other chefs; he'll just mention "you try first" and you'll understand the message he's trying to convey.



Country of origin: USA

If you think this is similar to the coriander in the general market, you're mistaken. This coriander although is smaller in size but delivers very strong taste and aroma that you would close your eyes to savour the wonders it may offer to you.



Country of origin: Netherlands

Dubbed out-of-stock in the market by our fine-dining chef and currently holding the no. 1 spot amongst other herbs; this sage is very strong in taste and extremely aromatic. Just brush your fingers across them, smell your fingers and let your mind be blown away. Tastes pretty overwhelming to consume by itself but works very well with other greens or recipes. 


Thai Basil

Country of origin: Southeast Asia

Although Thai basil is commonly found in the market but ours holds a superiority over the general market. Very aromatic and tastes sweet (although they're not sweet); this Thai basil is holding a very important role in many of our recipes akin to Lionel Messi in Barcelona.

thai basil.png


Country of origin: Netherlands

We have to admit our rosemary is very, very small and soft compared to those found in the market. Hence we didn't even bother to sell our rosemary. We need to improve on the yield although the taste and aroma is enough to beat all the rosemaries in the market.


Red Mizuna

Country of origin: Netherlands

Not part of herbs but definitely worth mentioning. Exotic as you can't find this in the market; the red mizuna although isn't aromatic but delivers a taste to remember. It will take a few bite to accumulate the pungent and taste but when it arrives, it is akin to you consuming wasabi. Shot up a bit into your nose and delivers the spiciness like many of our clients mentioning it tastes like wasabi; but they're not part of the wasabi family.



Country of origin: Italy

Very strong taste, very intense spicy, slightly more bitter. You might really question if these arugula have been genetically modified. These beauties are giving our wild rockets a run for their money! You definitely will not be able to finish 50g of these in a serving.


Italian Parsley

Country of origin: Netherlands

Strong flavour with a hint of citrus, earthy taste, aromatic and definitely flavourful in your mouth. Won the hearts of many chefs; this parsley is a great companion to Western dishes and pizzas.

italian parsley.jpg


Country of origin: Netherlands

Our thyme is mini in size and is much smaller than the general market but behold the taste and aroma these fun sized superstars will bring to you especially after you chewed them as they're pretty soft. You gotta try them to believe them.



Country of origin: USA

Not for sale as they're still part of our R&D but definitely taste better than those available in the market. 



Country of origin: Japan

Approved by several of our Japanese clients and chefs; this perilla (shiso) leaf received many thumbs up especially their bold taste. You'll be amazed with how flavourful and strong the taste is.

shiso leaf.jpg


Country of origin: Netherlands

Extremely potent in taste and aroma as it lingers in your tongue up till 20 min after consumption. Oh, the smell lingers on your fingers too for a period of time too. You'll not look at dill the same way again after trying them.


Wakayama Cherry Tomatoes

Country of origin: Japan

Not herbs but need to be mentioned! Hail from the Wakayama Prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan; these cherry tomatoes blew the aromatic level off the charts. Just use your fingers to give a gentle rub onto the cherry tomatoes or the leaves, it gives a very powerful aroma lingering on your fingers which cannot be found in any market. The aroma will leave anyone stunned and questioning if this is a cherry tomato. Very crunchy but short of  the sweetness we expect it'll be; we're still working to improve the taste of these goddesses.

Wakayama Cherry Tomatoes.jpeg

Are You Part of A Cafe, Grocer, Hotel or Restaurant?

After reading all these and if you still have doubts on how good our herbs are or have interests to give our herbs a try; we're more than welcome to arrange a veggies tasting with you and thereafter have you coming on-board as our partner. 

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