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Not Just A Typical Green Farm. Really.

The place where dreams come alive

We knew what we wanted to offer when we started GreenBugs and we gradually expanded our offerings by phases - behind the scene. With the recently expanded team, we're now ready to serve more clients.

And here are the different options, catering to different requirements.

By farmer, for farmers. And you.


Amazing greens

The heartbeat of GreenBugs, with over 20 selection of greens from the Netherlands, Italy, USA, New Zealand, Japan and Thailand in delivering delight on your plates.

And the only place where you can get the best and finest herbs in Malaysia, based from the feedback received from over 200 clients.

Farm-to-Table, reimagined.

Not the regular healthy salad meals you find in the market. GreenBugs' salad meals will deliver a whole new level of experience and taste, like never before. The biggest secrets? The greens from our farm (especially our salad mix) and how we prepared the food for you :)

Give it a try today, be it for your lunch or dinner or even a gift to your friends. You won't regret it!

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One-of-its-kind juices

GreenBugs team is adventurous and creative in nature, thus we keep inventing more new products. Our latest creation? Kombucha herbs healthy juice which have received rave reviews from our  clients on the taste of the juices.

This type of juice can only be found in our farm. Why don't give it a try and let us know what do you think about it?

Home-based hydroponics

One of the core reasons our farm is located in the strategic SS2, PJ location is for the convenience of our clients to visit us. We are the only farm who is not secretive but openly in sharing our knowledge, expertise and educating our clients about the world of hydroponics and the plants so you could have a better understanding.

We offer some basic products for home-based hydroponics like seeds, fertilizers, substrates, EC meters, etc.

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Indoor farming systems

Ever been shocked by the high prices of indoor farming systems you saw in the market? You're not alone. Hence we at GreenBugs vowed to deliver premium-affordable systems to you! We keep the costs lower by designing our systems more efficiently.

Get a miniature piece of GreenBugs' farming system directly at your premise. Choose between our pioneered hydro-aquaponics or full hydroponics system for your plants. 

Tailored-home solution

Have extra spaces at your home or something in your mind about what you would like to plant? Be it indoor or outdoor, talk to us and we'll come up with a customized proposal for you.

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Commercial solutions

Our client asked wouldn't they will be our new competition if we we're to teach, replicate our model and build the similar indoor farming system for them? We said we look at them as a partner instead and need more like-minded farmers to elevate the Malaysia's indoor farming industry together.

We provide consultations and customizations according to your needs, at competitive prices because as farmers, we understand what it takes. Have thoughts or interests to venture into indoor farming? Give us a shout out to explore the opportunities.

Retail solutions

Are you a business owner with excess space in your premise or looking to convert a portion of the space into something exciting and meaningful? Or a corporate looking to extend a greater reach in green, sustainability and community responsibilities?


Look no further with Malaysia's first hydro-aquaponics planting system that looks not just aesthetically pleasing but also provides value-add to your clients and generating additional revenues.

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Private workshops

Established clients such as DHL Express and kindergartens have engaged us to conduct private workshops ranging from composting to how to grow and take care of your plants at home. 

Do reach out to us to further explore if you're interested to have workshops for your employees, children/students or clients.

Corporate / door gifts

Giving live plants or mini planting kits as corporate or door gifts have become a popular trend. GreenBugs can customize the gifts according to your plans and budget. 

Do speak to us for your corporate needs and buffer at least 1 month in advance for us to grow your required plants.

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Commercial solutions

Looking to further grow your business revenue and customer base but not too sure how you should be doing next? Have a session with our passionate founder, a widely respected and multiple awards winning individual with over 15 years commercial experience in country, regional and global capacities in the corporate world.


Our founder is currently in Singapore on a separate mission to establish a new company and grow the Singapore market in the logistics industry for a MNC company but spiritually never left the farm and continued working behind the scenes in providing his leadership to further grow GreenBugs.

Not restricted to only indoor farming; he would be able to understand your business needs and provide sound advices on how you can further penetrate the market and the essential activities that your business should be undertaking. Consultation fees at RM 800 per hour.

Looking for something else?

Do you have other requirements or things in mind? Just reach out to us and we'll see if we are able to work together with you in providing the solutions.


We build our business based on what the market needs or wants instead of providing limited options to you based on how we want to run our business.

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