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Always in Our Hearts.

One of the red growing leaves in GreenBugs logo carries a significant meaning; we ought to continuously give back to the society and mother Earth. Regardless how big or small the effort is, it will always be the thought that matters. You too are making the difference in another person's life as every of your transaction & support to GreenBugs will 

We strongly believed and our CSR fundamentals revolved around these 4 pillars, either we do these by ourselves or working with our select partners:


A proper education could define the life of an individual. Most of us are born equal - with fully functional body parts but not in societal aspects. Underprivileged children given the similar opportunities could also excel - if only they've the opportunities.

GreenBugs' mission is to be able to provide education assistance in the form of school & exam fees and possibly schooling essentials until secondary 5.



With the proverb saying "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime". Specifically the homes, be it orphanage or old folk homes, most of them had to rely on the donation from the society.

GreenBugs' mission is to be able to construct the farming system for the homes hence they could also harvest some greens for their own use.  Plus  nurturing & growing of the greens can be a form of good activity for the residents.



The environment degrades at the expense of the advancement of humans and this gives major negative impacts to the wildlife as well. If we want our future generations to enjoy the green pastures we're seeing right now, all of us need to play a part.

GreenBugs is already saying no to plastic packaging for our greens. And we place high emphasis on sustainable tree and mangrove plantings - not for the sake of planting but something which could make a real difference in the future.



Most of us donated monetary or items-in-kind with the hope this could help to assist the life of the beneficiaries. However, many of us were also left wondering if ever the beneficiaries are receiving the full amount or only a fraction of the donated amount.

GreenBugs practices full transparency for donations - the designated beneficiaries should be receiving the items and if RM 30 is donated, the entire RM 30 goes to the beneficiaries.

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