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GreenBugs was founded to enrich the lives of others and continuously giving back to the world. 1% of total sales from your purchase directly goes to support this cause and we thank you for your continuous support.


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Kombucha Herbs Healthy Juices

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Product Details
One-of-its-kind beverage you can't find elsewhere in the market and validated by many clients. An unique blend of the freshest ingredients from our & other farms, tastefully crafted to deliver new + refreshing moments which will leave you in awe. Each flavour has its own unique taste and characteristics, hence do try all 3 varieties!

Red Glow

This skin-loving and aromatic thirst quencher crafted with fragrance Thai basil from our indoor farm and lycopene-rich, juicy watermelon.

Ingredients: Watermelon, lime, Thai basil, kombucha

Orange Bright

Keep your vision sharp & skin bright with this carotene and vitamin C rich combination. Perfectly crafted with fragrance parsley from our indoor farm.

Ingredients: Orange, carrot, kombucha, parsley

Green Nourish

Green & nourishing. High in antioxidants, vitamins & minerals from our farm produced 30ml wheatgrass shot. Anti-inflammation and tastes so good!

Ingredients: Red apple, green apple, pineapple, kombucha, wheatgrass

Juices best consumed within 3 days and must be kept refrigerated.

All GreenBugs products underwent thorough quality control inspections before being prepared & fulfilled to you. We'll do a 200% money back guarantee on this product if we indeed gave you a sub-par product during our preparation process.

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GreenBugs indoor farm is a controlled ecosystem with the ideal amount of light, air and nutrients. An optimal set of conditions that enables our plants to express their natural tastiness to the fullest. By keeping the roots on, our plants keep all of their flavour and goodness. 100% free of chemical pesticides, so you have the freshest and healthiest produce. Taste the difference.

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